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Tattooligans Tattoo Studio & Art Cafe Thessaloniki Greece

Art Café

Art Café

This new establishment complements ideally our tattoo parlor. You can sit at one of its comfortable armchairs and take a sip of tasteful coffee or drink while waiting for your turn to be tattooed. Or you can gaze at the industrial, retro and exotic decorations, many of which were bought by George Mavridis during his trips.

If images and words mean a lot to you, a large collection of books and short films in relation to tattooing are provided to you within the café. In addition, you can use one of the laptops and tablets available to take a look at the most up-to-date creative platforms on the web (e.g. Pinterest, DeviantArt).

Of course, having an interest in tattoos isn’t necessary. You can simply drop by with your friends, have a coffee or an early drink and simply enjoy the quietness of our place. Note that Tattooligans Tattoo Café follows European standards in its opening times, which means that it doesn’t close long after midnight. That makes it an excellent alternative to the crowded, rowdy nightclubs and bars of the area.

Opening hours: Everyday: 10:00-02:00

Tattooligans - est. 1999