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Tattooligans Tattoo Studio & Piercing Thessaloniki Greece

Tattoo Studio

Tattoo Studio

ΤTattooligans Tattoo Studio & Piercing Thessaloniki Greecehe place is new but the tradition and the values are not. Our new parlor maintains all the creativity, professionalism and value for money that Tattooligans are renowned for.

Imagination and… needles are our sole weapons. This is where we put into practice all the techniques that we master at tattoo conventions or competitions worldwide. For us, professionalism and constant formation are fundamental and necessary. Our persistence in these two principles is reflected on the large number of global awards (more than 80) we have achieved.

Moreover, all the artists of our team specialize only on one tattooing style, in order to reach the peak of their designing capabilities.

Apart from this, we accept to tattoo a customer only on condition that he/she is fully informed about the procedure and that the right body part or design has been selected.

Come and give your body a little glimpse of personality without worries. We are waiting for you!

Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 12:00-20:00 | Saturday: 12:00-17:00 | Sunday: Closed

Tattooligans - est. 1999